Rules & Regulations

                                                                                                              2024 DERBY RULES

    1. TICKETS: The Derby Committee must have you officially registered by Midnight on the Wednesday prior to fishing start on Derby Friday.  You will then be eligible for any cash and prizes. You can PRINT the ticket, or take a picture of it on your phone. A saved picture of the Ticket with the barcode and ticket number on your cell phone is acceptable. YOUR TICKET IS A BARCODE WITH A 4-DIGIT NUMBER under it. The number is your ticket number. You must have this at the Derby when you weigh a fish because we will be scanning the barcode on the ticket you have received. Please have and wear your issued wristband as well. Tickets go on sale at midnight  November 24, 2023, Black Friday, AND end July 30th  NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE EVENT
      Everyone in a boat fishing the derby MUST have a derby ticket and a wristband. No exceptions
    2. GUIDES: You are welcome to fish the Derby, the conditions are you must only have one group for the entire derby. You must abide by all the rules like setting the hook, rule #3 , and not fishing outside of derby hours on Derby waters, Rule #6. Not abiding by all the rules will disqualify you and your whole boat from the event. See Rule #23.
    3. SET TO NET:  The fisherman that sets the hook MUST reel the fish all the way to the net, someone can assist in netting the fish. No handing off the pole at any time is allowed from Child to Adult. See rule #24 for Child.
    4. WDFW Regulations: All contestants must fish according to applicable Washington State laws and the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Regulations.  JIGGING: Due to the “interpretation” of what’s legal “Jigging” is, Jigging will not be allowed during the Derby. Any infractions to the law and regulations will result in disqualification from the Derby.   Any On-The-Water violations will also result in disqualification from the Derby.
    5. BOAT MARKER: Your boat must have an approved marker that is clearly visible before you launch your boat. We will supply the ribbons in your skipper pack.
    6. OFFICIAL FISHING HOURS: Friday 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday 5:00 am to 12:00 pm
    7. OFF LIMITS: Derby entrants are not allowed to fish inside “Derby Official Derby Boundaries” starting Thursday at 5:00 pm to Friday 5:00 am, Friday 6:00 pm to Saturday 5:00 am and Saturday 6:00 pm to Sunday at 5:00 am.
    8. WEIGH STATION: To certify each King Salmon, each entrant must present their Derby ticket or have the ticket number and King Salmon to the check station. There is only one weigh-in station located at the Columbia Cove boat launch in the park at the Derby Event gazebo.  All Salmon weighed will be marked by a hole punch in a fin or cut tail fin. Weigh Station times are as follows: FRIDAY & SATURDAY open-10 am –close-12:30 pm and open-2:30 pm – close-6:30 pm; SUNDAY open- 9 am – close-12:30 pm
      You MUST be in line on or before the closing time for weigh-in.
    9. DERBY OFFICIAL FISHING BOUNDARIESLEGAL DESCRIPTION BOUNDARIES: UPDATED  JUNE 4, 2024 BUT SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF WDFW OPENS THE BREWSTER POOL : All Derby King Salmon entries must be caught within the legal description boundaries, new boundaries for 2024 – South of the Brewster Bridge on Highway 173 to the boundaries at the North side of  Wells Dam,  exactly according to the WDFW boundaries, North- the line from Pelican Point to Gun Club Rd which is the big white house on the Douglas County side of the River to the Corps of Engineers Safety Zone Marker just above the Bridgeport Bridge on Highway17. “Fishing from a floating device is prohibited downstream of Chief Joseph Dam from the boundary marker to the Corps of Engineers safety zone marker.”  (2017-18 Regulations). Fishing from the shore upstream of the Bridgeport Bridge is prohibited.
    10. MANDATORY: All boats must motor into the Brewster City Boat launch or the Cove and come to the weigh station with their catch. We do not allow anyone to trailer their boat into the event and bring fish to be weighed, even from Bridgeport or Pateros. We cannot determine where the fish were caught once the boat leaves the Brewster Pool. We will have staff stationed at the boat launch and the cove. This will be strictly enforced with the only exception being if the weather turns bad and it is unsafe to boat to Brewster. Then you must call Derby headquarters and tell them in advance.
    11. FISH INSPECTION: All Derby fish may be inspected at the time of weigh-in by Washington State Biologists and Derby Officials.  All fish may be subject to dissection. We will be using a metal detector to scan all the fish.
    12. ELIGIBLE FISH:   Each Derby entrant may weigh in two King Salmon per day, but only the biggest fish will be eligible for the prizes and the second fish will be for the Total Weight Side Pots, or Team Average Total Weight Side Pots where total weight is used.
    13. CLIPPED FISH: We will not weigh any fish that has any portion of adipose fin. Unlike state rules we do not allow any mis-clipped fins, it must be smooth. This is non-debatable.
    14. TEAM SIDE POTS:  For Team side pots, the Team is the entire boat. If one person is in the team side pot then every person must be in the same team side pot. This includes Child, youth, and adults and will use the same Boat Captain as used when signing up for the derby. This is the TEAM Daily and Team Derby side pots NOT the Individual Side pots.
      For questions talk to the Derby Staff.
    15. SCORING: Will be by weight, length and girth.  Weight will be the initial factor and scored to the .01 lb. (i.e. 25.06lb). Length will be the first tie breaker measured from the snout to the V-notch in the tail. Scoring will be to the 1/8”.  Girth will be the second tie breaker scored by circumference just in front of the dorsal fin of the Salmon. Scoring will be to the 1/8”.
    16. LEGAL SPORT FISHING RULES: All Salmon must be fresh caught by legal sport fishing rules.  No Gill, Dip-Netted or Foul-Hooked Salmon may be entered.  Any evidence of netting, spoilage, frozen or foul–hooked Salmon will disqualify the entrant from the Derby.
    17. DISPUTES: The Derby Committee shall have the final word on any and all disputes regarding Derby Rules and Award of Prizes.
    18. PRIZE TICKETS: You MUST have your Derby Wristband or Derby ticket to buy prize tickets. Only Derby entrants will be allowed to purchase prize and giveaway tickets.
    19. AWARD PRESENTATIONS: Prize drawings will begin at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Sunday at the gazebo in Columbia Cove Park. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN, NO EXCEPTIONS. The Derby ticket purchaser agrees that any and all appropriate taxes, including use and sales taxes, fees, transfer and operating fees, and all federal taxes, shall be the sole responsibility of the prize winner, and the aforementioned Derby organization and volunteers shall have no liability for any such taxes and/or fees. Prize winners must furnish their tax identification number upon request by the derby prize representative prior to the delivery of any prize valued over $600.00. Proof of purchase will be required for any prizes linked to a special prize.
    20. DONATIONS: Fishing and Hunting Prizes donated for drawings are not the responsibility of the Salmon Derby, it is the Sponsors who gave the donation that is responsible for all the details and up to the winner to accept or decline the donation and follow through or forfeit the prize. All prizes are non-refundable and have no cash value unless otherwise stated.
    21. RULES FOR YOUTH AGE 8 AND YOUNGER: A child MUST do everything from “set to net”.  This means a parent may set the hook as long as the child keeps their hands on the pole. The parent may then hold one hand on the pole as the child reels. Assistance to net the fish is allowed. Any questions or clarifications of this rule should be directed to the Derby Director.
    22. PHOTOGRAPH/VIDEO: The Brewster Salmon Derby (BSD) reserves the right to use any photographs/video taken at the event without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. A person attending the BSD event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer, and/or the event organizers.
      Any person or organization not affiliated with BSD may not use, copy, alter or modify BSD photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee from the BSD. Thank you
    23. VIOLATIONS: Any violation will result in not having any fish from that boat allowed to be weighed and the whole boat will be disqualified from the event, and maybe from all future events, forfeiting all prize money.  This is non-negotiable and is effective immediately. We will accept time-stamped photos as evidence of cheating or violations. Please report to the Derby Staff only, do not accuse the ones you believe to be in violation. The Derby Coordinator has the final say in all decisions. Rules will be STRICTLY  ENFORCED  and no refunds.  If you do not want to abide by the rules then please do not enter the Derby. We will not change ANY RULE after ticket sales open for the year. Read the rules over carefully and we will have them in the Skippers packs as well, keep them with you and on the boat.
    24. LIABILITY WAIVER: The Brewster Salmon Derby, Mauk Fishing Stuff LLC, our Sponsors of the 2024 Brewster Salmon Derby accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury to any boat, vehicle, equipment, participant, passenger, or observer during this event.  Derby ticket holders, and all members of their party, agree to hold harmless all Derby Sponsors, advertisers, and volunteers from any and all liability in connection with this derby.
      Be safe have fun and treat others the way you want them to treat you. This is a family friendly event.
      Contact person is:
      Mike Mauk
      Event Coordinator

      For 2024, “click” for the new proposed derby boundaries (unless the Pool remains open for Kings)
      Dark blue is Derby waters light blue is the Brewster Pool


         The Derby WILL NOT be canceled due to inclement weather


Excess/overflow truck and boat trailer parking is designated in the lot between the Elementary School and the soccer field. There is also parking up on Sunset and 7th at the High School Parking lot  The Columbia Cove Park is a very busy area and having your truck and trailer parked in any part of the roadway is not acceptable.  Please use common sense and be courteous when parking.    Please make sure that your ENTIRE vehicle and boat trailer are off the roadway.

The boat launch is for loading and unloading ONLY!  Please do not tie your boat up to the dock and leave it unattended.  There is a 15 minute moorage for loading and unloading only!

If no parking spaces are available at the boat launch, please:
DO NOT park in any of the paved parking lots nearby-i.e. Swimming Pool/Recreation Center.
DO NOT park on curb side of Columbia Cove Park.  These are RV overflow spaces and are reserved for paying customers.
DO NOT  park in someone’s driveway.
DO NOT park on any grass areas adjacent to launch or in RV park.
This is very busy time at our Park and Boat Launch.  We wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance with these matters so that all utilizing the area can have an enjoyable experience!! Patience is a very nice virtue, Please bring that with you by the buckets!!

Brewster Salmon Derby- 509-449-0605
Salmon Derby Director  Mike Mauk- 509-449-0605 call or text
The City of Brewster 509-689-3464
City of Brewster RV Park – Click Here
RV Park Alternate Phone Number – 509-689-1192
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